Step 1, download Cisco Anyconnect client for IOS

Cisco Anyconnect client is free download in Apple store around the world

Search "Anyconnect" in Apple store, click to downloadHere,Redirecting to Apple store to download

Step2, set up Cisco Anyconnect for the first time

Adding a new VPN connection is only needed when you are connecting for the first time. Simply follow the steps to add it.

Step 3, Connnect VPN service for the first time

Please input your account name and password to connect Metamao service in Cisco Anyconnect client, same as the one you use on Metamao website

You will need to enter your username and password when connecting for the first time. Anyconnect will remember only your username, not your password, for security reasons

How to disconnect VPN

Please restart Anyconnect client and click "Anyconnect VPN" switch. If the switch is grey and the VPN icon disappeared, it means your VPN is disconnected

For your safety, the system will disconnect you if idle time too long. Please simply reconnect later

About Ipad and Ipod Touch

Ipad and other hosts using IOS operating system (including IOS OS operating system and Apple M1 chip) can download the Anyconnect tool through the Appstore normally.

Please make sure your device has installed IOS 10.0 or later versions. Your Mac with Apple M1 chip should install MacOS 11.0 or later versions

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